Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MCAT House Arrest

It's been awhile frandz.

I've been on MCAT house arrest. I seriously don't go anywhere or see anyone (except my parents, co-workers, and people I see on the trail). Last week, I didn't have work so I had a 4 day weekend and I didn't leave the house for 2/4 days. That's 48 hours without seeing other humans, guys! It's really awful and makes me kind of crazy and when my parents come home I am so excited to talk to them I talk their ears off. True statement.

It will all be over in 1 week! And then I will be on vacation, whooo!


Training recaps! Quite possibly the only thing keeping me sane.

 Week of 8/11-8/17
  • Sunday - Rest
  • Monday - Easy 7mi @ 8:55min pace
  • Tuesday - Track workout: 1mi warm-up, 1 round of Tabata with the bleachers, High bench circuit, and 10x 100m Sprints (between 17 and 19 seconds each)
  • Wednesday - NTC
  • Thursday - Rest
  • Friday - Easy 5mi @ 8:50min pace
  • Saturday - 10mi @ 9:40min pace. This was extremely rough, as I started late and it got way too hot and my PB toast did not sit well for me

Week of 8/18-8/24
  • Sunday - Rest
  • Monday - Easy 7mi @ 9:00min pace - this run felt particularly great. Perhaps it was the overcast weather and slight breeze. It's amazing how much a little breeze can help cool me down on a run
  • Tuesday - 45 min of NTC, I forget which ones
  • Wednesday - 1mi warm-up, 5x 600m '5k effort', 0.5mi cool-down
  • Thursday - Rest day because I had to go to a Wine Walk with my girf
  • Friday - Kettlebell circuit, Pilates abs, and HIIT
  • Saturday - 12mi @ 9:25min pace. This felt amazing!! I started off slow because I am being a good girl and I didn't stop until mile 10.5 when I reached a large hill. I didn't even feel like stopping at any point up until then! It really felt great. And then at the end of the run I cancelled it on my Nike+ app so I don't know what my splits were :( At least I looked at the total time before I cancelled it though

Week of 8/25-8/31
  • Sunday - Rest per usual
  • Monday - Easy 5mi @ 9:10min pace
  • Tuesday - Kettlebell circuit, Pilates abs, HIIT (45 min total)
  • Wednesday - 6mi Tempo. This was so hard. I averaged 8:50min/mi for the entire run but I was really struggling between miles 3 and 5. Will have to work on those tempos!
  • Thursday - Nothing. Too pooped from studying. Can't have everything, I guess!
  • Friday - Easy 5mi @ 9:00min pace. It got dark halfway through but I was running in the neighborhood so it was safe. It's so nice to run at night
  • Saturday - 14mi @ 9:48min pace. My longest run ever. It was hard. I left super early but it still got too hot mid-run. I had to run into the woods to hide from the heat. Also, my finger started bleeding and there was a line of blood down my hand - weird.

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